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Transform communities with The Thirst Project and Side Effects.

Side Effects is partnering with The Thirst Project to raise awareness and funds to bring the hope of clean water to countries around the world. Won’t you join us in eliminating the #1 killer of children globally?

Warren Barfield was visiting a mountain village in Africa and went on a daily trip for water with his translator. They walked for an hour down the mountain carrying their 5-gallon buckets. When they arrived at the water source, it poured from the equivalent of a sink spout. There was a huge mass of people, where only the biggest and strongest men could fight their way to the front to get water. Warren commented to his translator, “What about this boy who came with us? How will he get water?” The translator replied matter-of-factly, “Oh, he won’t, unless someone fights for him.” The little boy Warren shared about has to walk several hours a day in a hot mountainous region to get a mere 5 gallons of dirty water for his family. When he gets to the water source, he sometimes cannot acquire any unless someone bigger and stronger will fight for him. Are you willing to fight for that little boy – for his family, community and nation? That they might have water? Connect with us to learn how your school can help.

Your Partnership Provides Hope

$7 per Side Effects sponsorship goes toward building clean water wells through The Thirst Project. As of February 2018 through company fundraising and sponsorships, Side Effects funded 6 wells providing over 1,500 people with clean water for life!

What is the Thirst Project?

“The Thirst Project really was born out of a bunch of twenty-somethings using what we had to tell the story of the people without safe water.

We travel the country to Middle Schools, High Schools and College Campuses speaking to people our age. When we leave, students are really equipped to do their own fundraisers and make a real impact on the issue. In just five years, we’ve raised over $8 Million with this program and funded projects to provide over 300,000 people with safe, clean water! The need is great though. We can no longer ignore the #1 global killer of children.” –

Why Partner With The Thirst Project?

  • Unity. Bring sports teams or the whole school together to raise awareness and funds to build a well and hope in another country.
  • School Curriculum. The Thirst Project has material informing students about the water crisis for several subjects, making the problem educational and relevant.
  • Fight For A Cause. Take the competitive spirit off the field to fight for those who can’t fight for themselves.
  • 1 Billion people don’t have access to safe, clean drinking water
  • 4,400 children die every day from diseases caused by contaminated water. That’s one child every 19 seconds.
  • Waterborne diseases kill more than 2.2 million people every year.
  • Children and women walk thousands of hours every year seeking and hauling water instead of going to school or getting a job to help support the family.

Richard Stearns, President of World Vision

Before we put a well in the village, the school had 4 students. We put a well between the church, hospital, and school, and within a month there were 40 students attending the same school. - The Hole In Our Gospel


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