I would like to take a moment to personally thank you for your support and welcome you! I started Side Effects in 1996 while helping my children’s high school raise funds for new athletic equipment. Today there are more than 1,000 active projects across the country and more than 50 people on our team, but we are never going to let ourselves become a faceless big company – no matter how much we grow, we’re determined to “stay small”.

We hope you’ll think of us the way we think of you: As real people and individuals.

Meet Mike from our Sales Team:

He enjoys going to the park with his dog, Blue, shooting guns, and time with his kids.

Meet Jen from our Leadership Team:

She likes Great Danes, cupcakes, and glitter.

Meet Jake from our Customer Service Team:

He enjoys European Soccer and new socks.

We have a whole team full of individuals ready to serve you!

Our mission at Side Effects, Inc. is to develop and nourish relationships within the communities while making a difference, serving Christ and positively affecting people’s lives. We take pride in living out our mission and our work reflects upon that. Thank you for partnering with us to make an impact on your local school and community.

259 Industrial Dr.
Franklin, OH 45005
(937) 704-9696