In order to make things as easy as possible for you we have collected some helpful documents. Please click the links below to download.

Incentive Materials

These are unique benefits you agreed to provide to your sponsors to assist in project sales.  The more value you can provide to your sponsors the more likely they will be to renew, providing you with an ongoing revenue stream for years to come.

 How to host a dedication night
 Dedication night script
  Get your project  noticed by your local news media
 PA announcement script
 Organizing sponsor nights
 Social media & email recognition
 Download all incentive materials

Troubleshooting Guides

If you have one of our  digital score tables and are having issues with it, please feel free to  call us at 937-704-9696. You can also refer to the links below.


 My screen is white and says contacting the Reach Network
 The new advertisements aren't displaying
 My interruption buttons aren't working
 One or both of my TV screens won't turn on