In the fall of 1995, Springboro High School’s basketball coach approached his booster club member Bob Westerfield with a problem. Their team needed a new scoring table, and they wanted it to be the envy of their conference. Bob gathered support from area businesses to purchase the best table on the market at no cost to the school. Good news traveled quickly and other area schools started calling Bob for similar help - so began Side Effects, Inc. in the spring of 1996. Bob and his wife, Jen, now own Side Effects, Inc. dba Power Ad Company in Franklin Ohio.

They expanded beyond just scoring tables to offer scoreboards, wall wraps, fundraising, and more at no cost to schools across the country. In 2020 Side Effects, Inc. acquired Power Ad Company, a Kansas-based company that produced scorer’s tables, signage, and possession arrows. With the purchase, Side Effects acquired the naming rights to Power Ad Company and is now doing business under that name. As of May 2022, Power Ad Company has given over $48 Million to over 1,000 high schools and organizations across the country in free equipment and cash.


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